Posing with banjos

During an idle couple of hours looking at images tagged “banjo” on Flickr, I was struck by how many truly odd photos turned up. Here are a few of my favorites (click through for credits and to see larger versions).

Family with Banjo

Bunny Banjo Bench Monday

Moser's, Guns, Banjo's, and Mules at the Liverystable in East Tennessee around 1890

Terje Kinn

banjo ladies.jpg

Nova Scotia Banjo Player

Banjo Boy

Ada May, with banjo.

Trio with Banjo

Thalie Astrée show (12) - Sexy International Paris Film Festival #2 - 24-27Jun10, Paris (France)

Amazing Victorian fancy dress with banjo?!



i play the banjo

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  1. Love these. Barely a smile between them. You really need a sound-burst of high-speed, pickin’-and-grinnin’ bluegrass to round them off.


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