Recent photoblog haiku

blossoming witch hazel
I pound a stuck storm window
with a Chinese dictionary


red-spotted newt
even on land it still steers
with its tail


where it lost a limb
a glimpse of twisted heartwood
mosquito in my ear


old bolete
gnats follow the branching cracks
in its skin


first rain in weeks
the dry canyons in my moss garden


night-blooming cereus
two spiders feed
on a white moth


And if you haven’t visited for a while, yes, the site does have a new look.

5 Replies to “Recent photoblog haiku”

    1. Thanks. I was sorry to ditch the old theme, but it practically required that all photos be 800×600 pixels, and I wanted more flexibility. Also, with the current theme, it was easier to tweak the typography.

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