photographer in Chicago

Right, so I’m in Chicago.

occupy your bedroom

My bedroom is directly underneath this billboard. I’ve been occupying the hell out of it.

Via Negativa authors

But best of all, at the conference I met Luisa Igloria for the first time! And many other wonderful people, of course.

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  1. Hmm. So you’re at a snoring clinic. Being disciplined in the art of snoring. By a leather-helmeted hunk with two horns to his head. Has the treatment included racking? Since, from that picture of you with Luisa it becomes obvious that you are unnaturally tall. Still, it’s obviously fun!

        1. I mean, I wasn’t the one doing anything unnatural, like bending the knees for this picture; I was standing perfectly straight.

    1. Survive? I think you’d flourish. Nothing but misfits here. Also, as someone pointed out today, the majority of name tags don’t list any affiliation, meaning, I think, that non-academic attendees out-number academics.

  2. Yes, so cool to see Dave and Luisa together in person after all this time! Looks like a fun time – enjoy the conference and whatever amount of Chi-town you’re actually getting to see beyond the snoring center.

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