I and I

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In my last dream before waking
I meet a version of myself
from an alternate universe.
We greet each other cautiously.
There’s a slight class difference:
while I flipped burgers at the diner
my alter-ego went to graduate school
& now teaches cultural studies
at the university. He takes me back
to his apartment, which he shares
with two housemates & a dozen cats.
I watch in wonder as
he gives a good-night kiss
to a woman black as coffee.
I gave up poetry years ago, he says.
He asks what I’ve done
to make my beard turn white.

3 Replies to “I and I”

  1. “I gave up poetry years ago, he says.” Ouch. That’s where he went wrong, all the other goodies notwithstanding.

    I often can feel the other timelines as if they are still only a choice away. They probably are happening in a parallel universe, making occupying the same space and time, just a different choice coordinate.

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