Jole of Ling

erasure of a page from Samuel Pepys' diary

[In the morning I drank at the Sun,
at the Swan in Fish Street,
at our Goal Feast,
at our Jole of Ling,
and after a good cup of ale I shot a scholar.
I drank at the burial of a young bookseller,
drank to his going.]

Erasure poem derived from The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Friday 20 January 1659/60.

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  1. seems to me that erasure poetry would make a great small group activity…everybody starts with the same material. Maybe alcoholic beverages could be involved.


    1. Yes! I’ve generated at least two different erasures for almost every page of Pepys’ diary so far myself.


  2. What is a ‘jole of Ling’? Having the same problem with Pepys.


    1. According to the annotations for that entry, it’s the head (“jowl”) of a type of codfish, the common ling. I just liked the sound of the phrase!


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