Limited offer: 20% off on the print version of Twelve Simple Songs

Twelve Simple SongsI just got the following communication from, the Dutch print-on-demand service I’m using for the print version of my new collection of poems and photos, Twelve Simple Songs:

Thanks for using Peecho! We think it’s awesome that you are starting to generate orders through our service. To celebrate, we’re giving you 20 free coupons so you can offer 20% OFF to your customers and friends!

I’ll distribute the coupon codes on a first-come, first-served basis. Contact me if you’d like one, and then input the code when you place your order. I’m told by someone who just used a coupon that the 20% is taken off the entire price, including shipping and handling — an even better deal than I originally thought.

If you’d like to order more than one copy at 20% off (which I think would save a lot on postage per copy), let me know and I’ll put one coupon code aside for you and wait a week to see what the demand is like on the others. In other words, I’d like everyone who wants a coupon to get one, but if there aren’t 20 takers, then I’ll consider applying the coupons to orders of more than one.

And of course if you’d just like to read, listen to or watch a film version of the book and don’t care about getting it in print form, be my guest.

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