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  1. Robert Frost: The Death of the Hired Man

    [Silas, if he could teach him …]

    … to build a load of hay—
    I know, that’s Silas’ one accomplishment.
    He bundles every forkful in its place,
    And tags and numbers it for future reference,
    So he can find and easily dislodge it
    In the unloading. Silas does that well.
    He takes it out in bunches like big birds’ nests.
    You never see him standing on the hay
    He’s trying to lift, straining to lift himself.’

    Every man who has ever used a “tool of ignorance”, knows the difference between the brute force of the tool and that delicate thing close by that is the purpose of the labor and the force of the tool… Anybody who ever gave a damn about anything, whether it’s a mattock or tweezers, knows the difference.

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