To the office, and that done home to dinner where Mr. Unthanke, my wife’s tailor, dined with us, we having nothing but a dish of sheep’s trotters. After dinner by water to Whitehall, where a great deal of business at the Privy Seal. At night I and Creed and the judge-Advocate went to Mr. Pim, the tailor’s, who took us to the Half Moon, and there did give us great store of wine and anchovies, and would pay for them all.
This night I saw Mr. Creed show many the strangest evasions to shift off his drink I ever saw in my life.
By coach home and to bed.

Nothing but water and the half moon.
Give us wine
and anchovies
and many strange evasions
to life and bed.

Erasure poem derived from The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Friday 17 August 1660.

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