Above and Beyond

(Office day). This noon I expected to have had my cousin Snow and my father come to dine with me, but it being very rainy they did not come.
My brother Tom came to my house with a letter from my brother John, wherein he desires some books: Barthol. Anatom., Rosin. Rom. Antiq., and Gassend. Astronom., the last of which I did give him, and an angel against my father buying of the others.
At home all the afternoon looking after my workmen in my house, whose laziness do much trouble me.
This day the Parliament adjourned.

My cousin snow and my father rain
come with a letter from
my brother the angel:
Buy others a home, look after workmen,
trouble the parliament.

Erasure poem derived from The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Wednesday 12 September 1660.

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