Potent Combination

All day also at home. At night sent for by Sir W. Pen, with whom I sat late drinking a glass of wine and discoursing, and I find him to be a very sociable man, and an able man, and very cunning.

A pen with ink, a lass, wine:
O to be able and cunning!

Erasure poem derived from The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Saturday 8 September 1660.

These extra-short diary entries are the most challenging, and therefore the most entertaining, to find poems in. Thanks to Rachel (via IM) for helping me to select the best among the seven alternatives I came up with for this entry. Another one I liked was a pure sound poem…

en in in in an
in an in an an
an an an un in

…which may not rise to the level of true poetry, but certainly highlights the poetic quality hidden in ordinary, semi-repetitive prose.

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