Chance: Six More From a Tarot

This entry is part 3 of 13 in the series Chance: A Poetic Tarot



Pick a combination
for the locked door:
two colors, a cloud,
the skeleton of a fish.


I do not believe
the yellow signs that point,
shut, or flap in the wind.
Everything is a detour.


My love cut me a star
from the green
side of a fruit then
laid it on my tongue.


When he says memento,
I think of the hull
of a seahorse sleeping
in a pill box.


The man by the ATM argues
with the red-haired woman.
She smokes and smokes,
refusing his embrace.


In the yard, I parse
the grass free
of other adjectives
except green.


In response to Via Negativa: Partisan.

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4 Replies to “Chance: Six More From a Tarot”

    1. Thank you, Dave and Peter — you know, this afternoon, I wondered: would it be cool, do you think, if these were opened up as a collaborative opportunity to produce a chapbook with original art/drawings??? (Place excited jig here.)

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