Office day, and my wife being gone out to buy some household stuff, I dined all alone, and after dinner to Westminster, in my way meeting Mr. Moore coming to me, who went back again with me calling at several places about business, at my father’s about gilded leather for my dining room, at Mr. Crew’s about money, at my Lord’s about the same, but meeting not Mr. Sheply there I went home by water, and Mr. Moore with me, who staid and supped with me till almost 9 at night. We love one another’s discourse so that we cannot part when we do meet.
He tells me that the profit of the Privy Seal is much fallen, for which I am very sorry. He gone and I to bed.

My stuff all alone
and calling me,
I went home.
We love one another.
We cannot part.

Erasure poem derived from The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Monday 8 October 1660.

3 Replies to “Materialist”

  1. Love this one. It feels simple, but it’s so full of shapes and movement and allusion. I’ve been trying to write an erasure poem – it’s hard!

    1. Thanks for the kind words. Sometimes I find I do these best when I am a bit tired — struggling, so that I am less likely to be too clever. That said, I was not quite as pleased with this particular erasure as I have been with some of the others in recent days, such as “Night Vision” and “Water way.” But since you like it so much, perhaps there is more to it than meets my eye.

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