Britain BC with Francis Pryor

This two-part documentary, made for British television, is a great way to get up to speed on the current thinking about prehistoric Britain.

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I’m certain that the people who did this believed in another world, another dimension beneath the ground.

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In this new farming landscape, the cult of the ancestors is born. Their influence was necessary for the continued fertility of the land. For the ancient Britons, the discovery of crops, something that, when you cut it down, can be regrown from the seeds of the dead, must’ve been a kind of magic. And it’s possible that they believed that these ceremonial enclosures were fields for the dead, the place where the ancestors’ souls could, like the crops, grow to life again.

There’s also a book. And Francis Pryor’s blog For the Time Being is very worth following.

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  1. As I sit, knit and watch, I recall yesterday’s allusion you made to the blog-weary present, perceived changes in ambition level, general drifting away from the rigor of creating new Bonta-based content. This is a new low in lazy blog posting :-) and I’m enjoying every minute…thank-you!

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