Anne Boleyn

(Lord’s day). My head not very well, and my body out of order by last night’s drinking, which is my great folly. To church, and Mr. Mills made a good sermon; so home to dinner. My wife and I all alone to a leg of mutton, the sawce of which being made sweet, I was angry at it, and eat none, but only dined upon the marrow bone that we had beside.
To church in the afternoon, and after sermon took Tom Fuller’s Church History and read over Henry the 8th’s life in it, and so to supper and to bed.

My head is my great folly,
wife to a saw.
I was angry at it—
no marrow bone!
A full church
is Henry the 8th’s life.

Erasure poem derived from The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Sunday 2 December 1660.

2 Replies to “Anne Boleyn”

  1. Oh, very good. “A full church” — frightening, and an astute observation by Anne.

    By the way, I like VN’s new look.The dark exterior works well with the russet links and lines and the dark trees.

    1. Oh, thank you. That’s the default background, but I don’t see any need to change it. I suppose if/when the theme appears on and every Tom, Dick and Harry adopts it, I might feel compelled to swap in something else.

      Glad the poem works for you. Pepys’ mention of the life of Henry the 8th was too good not to take advantage of.

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