Because delight: an inter-writing

after seon joon

Because delight is a little white boat
I will gather up my hair, hitch up my skirts,
and lower myself into its hold.

Because risk is a splintered seat
I will push off first with just the toe
of one foot before I lean and let go.

Because delight is a glistening applause
I will learn that I can lower my eyes
to the more homely sting of tears.

Because risk is a wind in the leaves
I will take what needs to be released
to a hill and open my hands.

Because delight is the small flame
in the altar of the eyes,
I will be
apprentice acolyte.

Because risk is the god of our beating breath
I will row until my arms are bronzed
and muscled cadence.

Because delight is the yellow star of a crocus
I will tell the winter blooms of paper-
white that they are also loved.

Because risk is the radius of winter
I will not spend all its days
bargaining over the cost of spring.

Because delight is a name I know
I will practice my cursive
in the richest ink.

Because risk is a body I love
I will let it take me by the hand,
turn and turn me before the dip.


In response to thus: Three, with photograph.

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