Sledding day

The forecast was for temperatures well above freezing; we knew the lovely conditions wouldn’t last. So even though my British guests had been in Plummer’s Hollow less than 24 hours, with even warmer temperatures and rain on the way this weekend, we figured this might be our only chance to get some sledging sledding in.

Neither Rachel nor her son Alex had ever been on an old-fashioned runner sled before, but they picked up the fundamentals rather quickly: hold on tight, steer with the feet, brake like Fred Flintstone, and when in doubt, head for the nearest snow bank.

I sled sitting up because it’s much easier on the back than lying prone, but it does make rounding sharp corners a bit trickier. Too fast and you can tip over.

As the noon hour approached, the snow started to get pretty sticky. Rachel and I finally got the bright idea of trying to ride the sled together, and much to both our surprise, we just barely fit. After Alex shot the above video, we did one more run all the way from the garage, and actually managed to make the turn at the barn.

By mid-afternoon, the driveway had turned to slush and bare gravel, but it felt as if the holiday season had gotten off to a flying start.

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