Warrior poets, shape-shifters and other unlikely characters: a year of reading aloud

Woodrot Padcost 47: books read aloud in 2013 [MP3, 25 MB]
Duration: 27:50

‘Tis the season for literary bloggers to write about the best things they read this year. But in my case, much of my most interesting reading is out loud, in nightly Skype calls with Rachel Rawlins. Usually I’m the reader, but sometimes she is able to get an electronic version of whatever it is we’re reading and we take turns. I thought it might be fun to record us talking about what we liked and didn’t like this year (though Rachel had her doubts that anyone else would care). Here are the main books we talked about:

Other books mentioned in passing:

9 Replies to “Warrior poets, shape-shifters and other unlikely characters: a year of reading aloud”

  1. Thank you for doing this. It was funny and warm and interesting and some of the books I haven’t read are going on my list for next year. This should be on BBC Radio 4. And you two really should visit Orkney next time. You’d love it, I’m sure. There’s not a lot of rampaging except on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, when they play extreme football.

    1. It’s very gratifying to hear you say that. And yes, if we can possibly afford it, I would like to get up to Orkney — though more for the Neolithic and Bronze Age stuff than for the Viking.

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