Within all the morning. About noon comes one that had formerly known me and I him, but I know not his name, to borrow 5l. of me, but I had the wit to deny him.
There dined with me this day both the Pierces and their wives, and Captain Cuttance, and Lieutenant Lambert, with whom we made ourselves very merry by taking away his ribbans and garters, having made him to confess that he is lately married.
The company being gone I went to my lute till night, and so to bed.

Within me, one
that had formerly known me—
but I know not his name.
(I had the wit to deny him.)

We made ourselves
by taking away art.
Made to confess,
I married the company.

Erasure poem derived from The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Saturday 26 January 1660/61.

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