We meat again; + Moo-ikus

If you have seen my post yesterday, you’ll have read about my recent designation as “meat poet” for Norfolk Pendulum, a grocer and locally sourced, organic meat shop that just opened Sunday to service Norfolk and the entire Hampton Roads area.

The “meat poems” I wrote for them were so much fun, I thought I’d strike while the griddle, er, iron, was still hot.

So this afternoon, waiting to pick up my youngest daughter from school, I penned some 3-line poems on a napkin I found in the glove compartment of my car. They are in the manner of the haiku, but with a 3-5-3 syllable-to-line variation over the haiku’s 5-7-5; and still mostly/generally on the subject of meat, therefore I thought it fitting that they be thought of as Moo-ikus.



glass of milk,
pat of sweet butter—
dreams, medium rare.


who eats sweet
clover all day long?
come back home.


all parts are named for


don’t call me
heifer, or brindled
cow: that’s low.


but muscle
and fat are a pairing:
a fleshing out.


no wieners
here; only the streaky
rashers we love.


don’t bust your
chops: trim your filet
with flowers.


flank’s skirted issues?
just revise.


crown of rib
or steak a la pobre?
look at me.


when in doubt,
tie the roast with twine;
then baste it.

3 Replies to “We meat again; + Moo-ikus”

  1. I particularly like #2.

    When I was growing up in Newport News, my mom hauled us around to the butcher, among other places. I don’t think Newport News has had an independent butcher for many years. Now there’s one, I learn here, and with an official poet, across the water.

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