Some things I know to be true

When the phone rings, sometimes I get palpitations.
Worry causes palpitations.
Mothers seem to have an inexhaustible supply of worry.
Worry can be aggravated by having a new cellphone model with apps
that allow you to imagine you can know more than you actually can
about situations over which you really have no control.
In the meantime, small birds fly up into bare branches.
The outline of orange glimpsed through the crosshatched branches
is not fire but the sun setting over the Elizabeth river.
Winter is bone white in patches, slush and grey in others.
The plumber said it was lucky the flow that bubbled from toilet flange
into the hallway from the sewer backup was no more than an inch.
The surface got wet, but the heartwood was spared.


In response to Via Negativa: Grand jete.

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