Arguments with destiny: 24

“…and each of your kisses lasted a day
and the time between two kisses
lasted a night.”

“…y cada beso tuyo
era un día;
y el tiempo que mediaba entre dos besos
una noche.”

from “Historia de mi muerte” / “Story of My Death”
by Leopoldo Lugones, trans. D. Bonta

What to pawn for a sweet,
a leftover gem, paper slipped
into folded circles of bread
as you move from one
darkness to the next?


What to feed to the dog
that guards the gates, the one
who angles hot, greedy breath;
ready paws prepared to seize
your face in its fangs?


What to feel in the interval
of flame after the phoenix
dissolves in a shroud of ash,
before feathers return
to adorn its breast?


In response to Via Negativa: Historia de mi muerte....

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