Migratory Sphinx

Protocol, they say in no uncertain terms,
must be observed; leather-bound,embossed

ledgers consulted especially for any
manner of infringement. Of course,

this does not seem to prevent
the strange appearance of a single

bullet in one’s combination-locked
carry-on luggage. Like all mysteries,

they count on this one being managed
through a hefty bribe. But the real gods

don’t like afterthoughts as gifts. You know
they have been provoked when they begin to raise

their arms at the end of the runway, carefully
articulating each pleat in the space

arcing from the hip joint to just beneath
the shoulder— If you see one of them

as you wing it through border control, find some way
to let them know you are fugitive too, and on the same side.


In response to Rebecca Horn, Mechanical Body Fan.

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