For everything you are suspicious of

Take off your shoes
at the door; socks
may be kept on.

Eat with your right
hand, clean yourself
with the left.

One nostril may be
pinched shut to guide
the breath out the other.

Imagine a sphere of light
traveling up from the soles
of your feet to the crown

of your head. What gives you
a raft of tribulations
may give you some more.

Before you step off
an edge, let birds fix
a string to your wrist.

Before you dig for stones
of forgiveness, let the rain
show you what is clean.

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  1. This is a perfect coda to the Chinese martial arts film I just finished watching on Netflix.(I’m sure you didn’t have that in mind when you wrote it—just an example of the sort of thing a reader might bring to a poem!)


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