“When I say you are dreaming, so am I.” ~ Chuang Tzu

Why don’t you ever come along
to the parties? They’re a lot of fun

you know. That’s how you meet people.
Maybe someone that even matters. And why

must you wear long sleeves all the time?
It’s not a crime to show some skin.

I had a roommate who felt coming here
after Tienanmen was an accomplishment;

and she said she wasn’t even political.
I heard she changed her name and got

married. Why must you be so serious
all the time? Skip the rest

of the book that no one intends
to read. Look around you at all

the listless shoulders, the way
bodies fold like cold bacon

in their seats. The glazed eyes
show you they’re already gone,

somewhere under a parasol,
cultivating a beach tan.


In response to Via Negativa: In lieu of flowers.

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