Spoiler Alert

Yes, organic produce may have a tendency
to spoil more quickly than the shiny waxy ones.

Could the next sleeper hit be a film about what happens
to all the chicken feet cut off before the meat is packaged?

A friend sent me an article about how mummified wasps
wind up in the dense, flowery center of dried figs.

The day before, I heard a scientist featured on a radio
show, talking about her research on cockroach milk.

Every morning in summer I go out into the yard to pick fruit
from the tree; by afternoon, the half-ripe ones are ready.

What’s too high up on the tree remains on the branch. In the heat,
they split open from inside. Or the birds make pennants of them.

What falls to the ground becomes a mecca for the ants.
Just look. Everywhere, there is a mouth quietly at work.


In response to Via Negativa: Mobile Device.

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