All the morning at the office; at noon to the ‘Change, where great talke of a rich present brought by an East India ship from some of the Princes of India, worth to the King 70,000l. in two precious stones. After dinner to the office, and there all the afternoon making an end of several things against the end of the month, that I may clear all my reckonings tomorrow; also this afternoon, with great content, I finished the contracts for victualling of Tangier with Mr. Lanyon and the rest, and to my comfort got him and Andrews to sign to the giving me 300l. per annum, by which, at least, I hope to be a 100l. or two the better.
Wrote many letters by the post to ease my mind of business and to clear my paper of minutes, as I did lately oblige myself to clear every thing against the end of the month. So at night with my mind quiet and contented to bed. This day I sent a side of venison and six bottles of wine to Kate Joyce.

stone got
the better of paper

as I oblige myself with six
bottles of wine

Erasure poem derived from The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Saturday 30 July 1664.

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