Dear scallion, dearest gnarly bulb
of ginger or turmeric root, have you indeed
noticed that all the greeters, the cash

register persons, and every other neighbor
who doesn’t really know anything about you
nevertheless thinks nothing of saying

Honey or Luv or Sweetie-pie? The handy-
man who came to fix the gutter kept saying
Darlin’— Darlin’ did you know the thing

was crammed with leaves? And Darlin’ I
cleaned it out real good for you. You’d like
to return the favor sometime, like maybe:

Sweetie, your dogs have fucking pooped
in the middle of my lawn again; or Hey
Apple Fritter face, I believe I was next

in line? Honestly, you’ve always preferred
savory over sweet, relished the odd and piquant;
welcomed the austerity of speckled grey over

the purely saccharine. Fearing the jealous gods,
the mother croons Little Dog-face to her newborn.
And instinctively he roots and nuzzles at the sound.

~ because of Chen Chen

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