People of the book

Up and abroad to Paul’s Churchyard, there to see the last of my books new bound: among others, my “Court of King James,” and “The Rise and Fall of the Family of the Stewarts;” and much pleased I am now with my study; it being, methinks, a beautifull sight.
Thence (in Mr. Grey’s coach, who took me up), to Westminster, where I heard that yesterday the King met the Houses to pass the great bill for the 2,500,000l.. After doing a little business I home, where Mr. Moore dined with me, and evened our reckonings on my Lord Sandwich’s bond to me for principal and interest. So that now on both there is remaining due to me 257l.. 7s., and I bless God it is no more.
So all the afternoon at my office, and late home to supper, prayers, and to bed.

a church of books
is a beautiful sight

the grey minster uses sand
for principal and interest

so that now there is less God
more prayer

Erasure poem derived from The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Friday 10 February 1665.

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