Oh yes, thank you, I would
like a glass of cold water,

some place to rest, a shelf
of modest savings. I know

what pluviophile means. And so
I know the difference between

warm rain and a cold shower.
If I could, I’d wrap my arms around

an indigo sparrow; if I were small
as a bud, light as a petal. Wing

and sky are the closest words
I can think of resembling prayer.

Even on the lowest branch of heaven I’d
like to flutter a flag, unhitch my dress,

sink gratefully onto a bed of moss;
calm the nervous tattoo in my heart.

3 Replies to “Please”

  1. this one really struck me, especially the turn from the cold glass of water to the rains and the sky. and I found the word ‘pluviophile’ arresting.

    thank you.

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