Writing lesson

Up, and whereas I had appointed Mr. Hater and Will to come betimes to the office to meet me about business there, I was called upon as soon as ready by Mr. Andrews to my great content, and he and I to our Tangier accounts, where I settled, to my great joy, all my accounts with him, and, which is more, cleared for my service to the contractors since the last sum I received of them, 222l. 13s. profit to myself, and received the money actually in the afternoon.
After he was gone comes by a pretence of mine yesterday old Delks the waterman, with his daughter Robins, and several times to and again, he leaving her with me, about the getting of his son Robins off, who was pressed yesterday again And jo haze ella mettre su mano upon my pragma hasta hazerme hazer la costa in su mano. Pero ella no voulut permettre que je ponebam meam manum a ella, but I do not doubt but allo know de obtenir le.
All the afternoon at my office mighty busy writing letters, and received a very kind and good one from my Lord Sandwich of his arrival with the fleete at Solebay, and the joy he has at my last newes he met with, of the marriage of my Lady Jemimah.
And he tells me more, the good newes that all our ships, which were in such danger that nobody would insure upon them, from the Eastland, were all safe arrived, which I am sure is a great piece of good luck, being in much more danger than those of Hambrough which were lost, and their value much greater at this time to us.
At night home, much contented with this day’s work, and being at home alone looking over my papers, comes a neighbour of ours hard by to speak with me about business of the office, one Mr. Fuller, a great merchant, but not my acquaintance, but he come drunk, and would have had me gone and drunk with him at home, or have let him send for wine hither, but I would do neither, nor offered him any, but after some sorry discourse parted, and I up to [my] chamber and to bed.

joy at the robins yesterday
and in all my writing
a kind of arrival

the joy of being lost
and at home in paper

Erasure poem derived from The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Wednesday 23 August 1665.

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