In the last country in the world where divorce is still not legal,

25 years ago I sought legal counsel
and attempted to file for annulment—

the difference from divorce being that if
proven meritorious, the court renders

the marriage null and void, as if it never
happened. My lawyer had a habit of picking

at his teeth while taking calls during
my appointments; according to him,

among the conditions listed as grounds
for annulment, the only one I could pursue

was “Mental or Psychological Incapacity”—
meaning I was to present myself to a court

psychologist, write an autobiographical
essay whose theme would be my innate

deranged or unbalanced nature. Because I had
no words back then for describing my ex’s

anger management issues, like a fool I took
the printed form and tried to put my life

as I knew it under the awful, recommended
spotlight. Meanwhile, men blithely led

two or more secret lives, or openly flaunted
mistresses. An action star sired more than

eighty children by sixteen different
women, and even got elected senator.

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