It is a kind of comfort to put on 
earphones and listen to a woman

named Claudia give a free, live 
webinar on cultivating abundance

in one's life, rather than to the rabid
pronouncements of the self-proclaimed 

savior of America as he continues to justify 
the building of a border wall. While he's   

once again painting a picture of the violence  
allegedly sown by immigrants and illegals, 

Claudia is telling me and thousands of other 
listeners to close our eyes and remember 

the first moment we ever felt cut off, left 
behind, unworthy of any of the world's riches 

or radiance. She is telling us it's possible 
to change those beliefs; to picture, instead of 

a fence, a gentle light radiating from the universe 
all around to envelope us in benevolence and natural 

abundance. We don't have to be that hurt,
lonely child anymore: don't have to believe

our place is always in the dark, don't have
to accept that only debt or poverty or struggle  

is our destiny. Thoughts are things: which means  
the greedy, power-tripping haters, the ones who never  

give a fuck about others, will live in a narrow, joyless
world. She has us envision the life we want: reminds us 

to never abandon the idea of goodness that not only 
remains in the world but still overflows in it.  

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