~ Norfolk Botanical Gardens

Yesterday it was calving
    of glaciers. Today, it is
the arms of sick starfish
    melting into pools of jelly
on the beach. Sea urchins
   have eaten a giant banquet
of kelp in warm ocean water.
   I wonder how many people
ate of the largest and most
   expensive bluefin tuna
purchased after the new year
   in Japan. When we went
for a walk we saw a white
   wading bird out at the end
of the dock. Behind the bank,
   a row of loblolly pines; 
crabapple, horsetail, white oak.
   Bulbs waking in the ground
too early in season, a disc
   of brittle ice sealing
the surface of a bamboo well.
   We can't tell what month
and in what year we'll meet
   our end and step onto that
raked pathway to the gods.
   See how the sunlight breaks
into shadows scattered on stone;
   how the mouths of orchids open
in their beds, remembering rain. 

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