Instructions for Keeping On & Making Do

Nobody said it would be easy.
Nobody said you can take it
all back because you're tired
or you find out it doesn't work.
Nobody said your heart could fill
like a reservoir and then
go bone dry the next day.
Nobody can give you what you want
that you can't find in a swirled
tulip on the foam of an expensive
coffee, or in the lay-away folds
of a heavy winter coat. So what
do you do with the screen that sticks
between the window and the wind,
with the suitcase's broken zipper
and the pile of neatly folded
underclothes? Nobody told you
an orange moon means nothing
good could ever be coming
your way. Nobody said a coin
or a button couldn't be used
as a piece in chess or monopoly,
that a regular microphone
couldn't double for karaoke
as long as you can find
song lyrics on your phone.

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