At the office all the morning, at noon home to dinner, and out to Bishopsgate Street, and there bought some drinking-glasses, a case of knives, and other things, against tomorrow, in expectation of my Lord Hinchingbroke’s coming to dine with me. So home, and having set some things in the way of doing, also against to-morrow, I to my office, there to dispatch business, and do here receive notice from my Lord Hinchingbroke that he is not well, and so not in condition to come to dine with me to-morrow, which I am not in much trouble for, because of the disorder my house is in, by the bricklayers coming to mend the chimney in my dining-room for smoking, which they were upon almost till midnight, and have now made it very pretty, and do carry smoke exceeding well.
This evening come all the Houblons to me, to invite me to sup with them to-morrow night.
I did take them home, and there we sat and talked a good while, and a glass of wine, and then parted till to-morrow night.
So at night, well satisfied in the alteration of my chimney, to bed.

drinking in
the disorder the bricklayers have made

to it to them a glass
of alteration

Erasure poem derived from The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Tuesday 13 November 1666.

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