we talked of the future idly,
cracking watermelon seeds between

our teeth as we flipped through
crumpled pages to get to the sunday

comics. believe it or not
was one of those things we fully

believed: like magic, like layers
of brass or copper rings that stretched

the necks of women as they went
about their tasks in the fields;

or how, after water vaporized
inside faults during earthquakes,

it turned into gold. believe it
or not, we still live in an age

of alchemy. A conveyor belt runs over
sixty miles in the Sahara desert,

& you can even see it from space.
in the absence of box frames, bees

have been known to build heart-
shaped hives. now that the future

is here, why is it so much harder
to stick out an open palm & believe

that whatever falls into it is a whole
unto itself, little world without flaw?


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