Notes in the Early Days Prior to Social Distancing

Do we need a face mask? 
Are you sure we don't need a face mask?
When can we get one of those test kits?
Shouldn't everyone get a test kit?
We saw the congresswoman on TV and she said
now everyone can get a test kit for free.
When you get your test result
by text message and you are
in the middle row in an airplane
coming into La Guardia or LAX
and you sob or gasp and then call
your partner or your mother or your friend,
will the aisles part like the waters of the Red
Sea and everyone turn their faces away in unison?
In church do you miss the font
filled with cool clear water and the way
you always dipped your fingers into it
to make the sign of the cross on your forehead?
Someone posted questions on a FB thread:
how do you not touch your face when you need
to wash your face, how do you pick up a grape
or turn a doorknob without touching either one?
No one will put the wafer on your tongue
anymore, or share wine in a common cup.
We might want to have breakfast at our favorite
waffle place. We might want to go dancing in the club.
But we can't anymore. We talk about how long
before our prescriptions run out and where you
can still get isopropyl alcohol and toilet paper,
while noticing how almost overnight, the tulip
magnolias have opened their creamy pink
throats to an incredibly blue sky.

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