Science says

simultaneity is the relationship 
between two events assumed to be

happening at the same time within
a given context. Science says camels

and civets, ferrets and bats, have all
been non-human hosts for coronaviruses.

Science says a non-pathogenic version
of COVID-19 jumped from an animal

host—some say bat, others say pangolin—
to a human; and then developed quickly

into a pathogenic strain. A pangolin
is kind of a large, scaly anteater.

Curled up into itself, it looks like
a shuriken or throwing star, something

a ninja could send flying with a flick
of the wrist, before you feel it lodge

in the side of your neck and the carotid
artery supplying blood to your brain.

Did you know it is the world's most
highly trafficked non-human mammal?

In some countries, there are beliefs
(not science) that decoctions of its meat

and scales can cure excessive anxiety
and hysterical crying in children, or women

thought to be possessed by devils
and ogres. Science says there's no known

cure for the pandemic raging in all
the nations of the world right now.

Science says it's reckless and dangerous
to tout so-called cures that haven't been

clinically tested or verified. Science
knows how human behavior, pushed to

desperation, has been shown to defy logic.
Science knows why the man who took

chloroquine phosphate died; it can also
hypothesize about how he might've thought

it was identical to the anti-malarial with
a similar name. Science takes pictures

with electron microscopes, showing each
virion crowned by a halo. From there,

it's possible to make the leap to that other
image in close-up: each round cluster, clad

in red-tinted caps; and tiny white letters
spelling something lethal above the brim.

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