America Replicates Itself in a Foreign Land

"one gestures to the future, ...and one to the past" 
~ Claire Wahmanholm

What we told the architect who drew up 
the blueprints: lay down a green sward

that cuts through the valley's length.
On one side, the monuments and edifices 

of government; on the other, open spaces 
for commerce. Let trails be gravel-swept 

and leveled, wide enough for a motorcar 
or old-fashioned carriage. Shoot or move

the animals to the outskirts, and 
it is certain their native owners 

will follow. Those who remain in 
the overlap will learn our church 

and customs. Our schools will make 
their minds more habitable, their hands

ours to train in industry. One green knoll
after another, interspersed with the more 

natural rebellion of rock. These, we'll leave 
as tokens of the great undertaking that led 

us here, though we shall make the earth 
crown our efforts with gold and copper vein. 

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