Short Guide to Estate Planning

Today you learn about revocable
living trusts and testamentary
trusts, and how in some cases
these might work better than
a regular will. But you 
don't know where to find wild
fiddlehead ferns or sea 
grapes on this southeastern
coast. Intestate means 
if you die without a will,
the court may step in to oversee
the distribution of your assets.
Usually, when you break bread with 
others, it means they can be trusted.
Long ago, emperors hired people
to taste of each dish brought before
them, in case their enemies 
slipped poisons into the broth 
or the bellies of roasted quail. 
The history books don't say 
if those who took the hit 
had prepared their affairs 
in advance, or whether they were 
able to croak their last instructions 
before choking on a shrimp or a spear
of melon and expiring on the floor. 

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