Poem with Two Lines from Rilke

There are those who carry 
like a talisman such unshakable 
belief in a benevolence still at work
in the world— who reassure 
their wives and children 
help is on the way, that the life
savings lost in a swindle will return 
a hundred-, even two hundred-fold, 
before the year is over; that cities 
reduced to rubble will rise again, 
every wound and ruin dressed 
in green. A scar marks the spot
the heart last tended, after another 
unraveling—though I don't want
to keep touching it in the dark, 
as if to say I love what made it
and made it mine. Tell me
again of how I could choose
to believe the weight a stone 
makes in my pockets; or remember
the sudden change in the current,
a ship that carried me along
through the deadliest storm.*

[ * "I Am Much Too Alone in the World,
Yet Not Alone," Rainer Maria Rilke ]

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