Landscape with Warnings & Moon Jelly

Wind shear before sirens.
Billow upon billow, then harbors gone under.
Wasn't there a pier jutting out over water;

& in the summer, people would fish there?
Haze of heated suntan oils; sand fiddlers, sea- 
gulls blind to wind shear.  Alarm of sirens:

shrill whistles to clear the shore,
nubbled overnight with dead jellyfish 
where  a pier once jutted out over water.

Unlike moon jellies, dead jellyfish can sting
with nematocyst-studded tentacles. The rash:
like a painful wind shear before skin sirens.

The moon jelly, though, you can stroke—lightly, atop
its bell, inside of which quiver four purply-pink flowers.
Such things might be found under a rotting pier. 
Have you ever missed something before it's even
gone? Some sense, perhaps, acts as a kind of 
warning—wind shear before sirens. The moon,
adrift above a pier that juts out over water.

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