Furious Abecedarian

A community is never an abstract thing
but a network of deeply intersecting relations—

children, parents, godparents, grandparents, cousins;
doctors, dentists, daughters-in-law... When has one of us

ever unravelled in complete isolation by ourselves?
Fundamental rule: no closed doors; a village doesn't say 

get out without a hearing. It's not misguided generosity or
having it too good. Would you really let one of yours languish

in the wind for some impediment? What if
jurisprudence turns out to be false justice?

Kindness coming from elsewhere might just  
look like kindness: i.e. when you're asked to

make a sacrifice "for your own good"— but
not to anyone who grew up hearing  

one for all & all for one, or we've got your back.
Pity the traveler who can't find safe

quarters in any city in the world; who can't find
rice to go with a bowl of salt or bitter gourd.

Somewhere, you catch a familiar whiff—
talk story, fish sauce, sampaguita; though

under a benevolent moon, spiked things will
visually threaten with their shadows. 

Wouldn't you willingly go to war for one of your own?
X-linked trait of those with histories of oppression.

Yellow is to treachery is to cowardice is to peril they ascribe?
Zip it.  We're not taking it. You heard me. Zip it.

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