The Difference Between Gourmet and Gourmand

O such profound longings in the mouth—
for broiled tomatoes and cheese, soft 
grilled eggplant, the salty pop 
of little sea-grapes. All you can eat
sushi or kimbap. So much pumpernickel
and rye, crocks of butter, wedges of cheese.
How many geese gave the feathers
from their breasts to lie in smoky pan
drippings? At the smorgasbord, a fly
large as a pendant recreates a Dutch
still life: gleaming crystal goblet, decanter
of sweet wine, massed hydrangeas 
shrinking in oversized vases. Vanitas,
declares a trio of musk-scented
candles. Amuse-bouche of milkfish belly
and lemongrass. Everything that kissed 
the knife, reduced to slick garments
of themselves: steamed chicken 
feet, ribboned and quivering 
jellyfish. We can't help it,
can't stop; want to swallow
the whole world if we could.
We use polished silver. Or even
just our hands.

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