Pardoning the Turkeys

Young men who were called to serve
but  dodged the draft or deserted
some long and useless war.
The heiress who spent years 
in jail for acts of terrorism.  
The brother-in-law of a public 
servant caught in possession of cocaine 
(but not the public servant, ). The states-
man who lied about illegally selling 
arms to  terrorists. The former governor 
who once appeared on a celebrity
TV show, sentenced for solicitation 
of bribes. The sheriff who put 
hundreds of undocumented immigrants 
in jail; who humiliated them and issued
them pink underwear. The man who robbed
the US Mail in 1829 (actually, the only one 
so far to refuse a presidential pardon).
Everyone else ready to give themselves
and other rich, powerful and well-
connected white men a Christmas 
pardon, an 11th  hour pardon, a means 
of supposedly wiping their slates clean.  

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