America, she was pushed; she didn’t jump—

What's that line you're always saying 
like a mantra? Mind your own business. 
Or, Thoughts and prayers. Or, This 
has got to stop. The train didn't stop 
for fear of being late. It's been running 
since the colonies, since commerce, 
shapeshifting, ramping up then gaining 
speed again. In subways and other public
places, there are always too many sirens
and whistles of alarm. Say what you will
but the one who pushed fell into that long
line making up the history of exclusions.
He wanted to make that little niggling rage 
his very own. There was no folded note 
in her pocket. What an ordinary day
of sun after snow or rain with wind
or a holiday around the corner. 
Just trying to make it work. What
an ordinary day it would have been. 


In response to Woman Pushed to Death in Front of Oncoming Train.

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