Leads to Suffering

"...and as they go they loose the knot of anger.”
                                             ~ Dante, Purgatorio 16.24

All that doesn't serve, I inventory now.
How did we let so much accumulate?
We could be happy with bread,
an egg, a sweet potato on the table
at night. Coffee percolating in its pot
of beaten tin. A drawer of clean
linens, a block of soap, hard-milled,
to last and last. A feathered pillow 
and a woven mat. In the underworld, 
will we miss the whiff of verbena, the cold
plumb line of water going down our throats? 
Washed on a lip of rock under a waterfall,
we'll hold our hands up to the brilliant spray;
we'll open our mouths to take in more.

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