It's been the least favorite word of the year. 
How can anyone make plans in a season 
of recurrent apocalypse?
Rather, let's say There will potentially be 
oatmeal for breakfast or Travel is a mood
you can wear on a treadmill.
We burned all our sparklers two years ago
but we've discovered the charms 
of charcoal briquettes. 
Leaf after leaf came off the tree,
not any of them a multiple choice item.
Did you notice no one asks anymore 
if this is a test? This is just a folding chair.
That is an orange umbrella. 
We have always loved
the word exquisite; statues 
with missing limbs, bottles 
resting on their sides in dark cellars.
Waking up with some ache that we like
to say is proof we're alive. 

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