Yes, Opulence

“The value // of joy is in its / asking, what now shall I repair?” ~ Kaveh Akbar

Unseen, mostly 
               invisible to the human eye—

the ways in which the neural
               networks search and fire, fire

and convey, or quietly sputter
              then restart along a fault—It's why

sometimes we'll hesitate in front
              of the open hand, the overflowing

plate, any corridor gilded with crystal
             and mirrors leading to a promise

deep within a velvet-tufted hive. For how
             does a padlocked gate or the garden

receding into wild ruin yet harbor the condition
            of repair? A house of paper can hold

both fire and the wind. Bits of coal 
            fell on the soil after a shower of lights

showed a door in the air we could enter, a space
           where we could sit, our faces glowing. 

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