The Window

"For every action in nature there is an equal and 
opposite reaction." ~ Newton's third law of motion

If the child says My window 
is a sheet of paper without anything 
written on it*, then it means it's ready 
to catch the moon's milky script,
the emerald peacock's  baby-cries or
its feathered drumroll.  If he says
The night light is a little boat no larger
than an apricot in a dark-blue ocean, 
right away I'll trawl the waters with
my upstretched hand to feel
the wind lick my fingers with its
warm tongue. Put a slice of lemon
in your mouth and smile around it.
Somewhere there are roads edged
with clover that no one forces against 
the teeth of a blade. Pine cones
collect like brown eggs in the grass.

* - Italicized line is from Oli!

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